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Switch Guide

If your new to keyboards, switches can be a confusing topic to understand, however that doesn't have to be the case. In this brief article, I will outline everything you need to know about switches, so that you can choose the one that fits your needs exactly!
Essentially, mechanical keyboard switches, known as keyboard switches, are the mechanisms under the keycaps on a mechanical keyboard. They register every single press of a key. The variety of auditory feedback, tactile feedback, and force to activate the switch define your typing experience. 

Making the decision:

WS Heavy Tactile (Pre-Lubed)

With a moderately loud, thocky and extremely satisfying feel, the WS Heavy Tactile switches are for bold users who want to liven up the their typing experience. There are our heaviest switches, meaning they require the most force to acctuate. 

WS Silent Tactile (Pre-Lubed)

Designed to be silent, these switches are built for the office environment. Being quiete whilst still providing a diligent tactility makes this switch a top pick for people who type frantically in the work place but are tired of being that "one guy/girl" with the loud keyboard.

WS Red (Pre-Lubed)

Being the "classic" linear switch, red switches are the most popular, and most sought after switch on the market. These switches are hand-lubricated meaning buttery smooth typing all day long!

WS Yellow (Pre-Lubed)

The "lighter" brother of the WS Red, the WS yellow provides all the benefits of its sibling, yet has a lower actuation force. Hence, making it a great option for fast-typers who need light key presses whilst still providing the creaminess you deserve.

To Sum Up...

WS Heavy TactileWS Silent TactileWS RedWS Yellow
Loud, Proud, and 
extremely satisfying
Quite and Stealthy Buttery SmoothLightweight and efficient